Positivity Training

Recently I took a solo trip out along the west, repeating days in the same town were feeding my depression and the anxiety that comes with life. Instead of singing the same song, sitting in sadness and checking my instagram (which contributes to depression) I got in my van and drove straight to Oregon.



I texted one of my good friends Scottie that I was heading over and if could stay with him, and it worked out oh so well. 


The 15 hour drive was well worth it and filled with great views. 

Finally i made it to Hayden and Randons house where i stayed with them and Scottie.

I learned how handy and creative Hayden and Randon were, I met them previously but absolutely got so much closer this time around and can completely say I love them!

Of course the pups Charlie and Oakley too!




Most of my days consisted of playing with the pups and drawing. Then we went for a great hike to Smith National park.


So Beautiful!


Next mini travel was to Portland to visit my other great friend, Andrea.


We took a trip out from there to the cost and did a unbelievably fun photoshoot. The PNW has a special place in my heart. its a perfect mix of fog moss and waves, not to mention a beautiful sunset.



Andrea and I had such a great time exploring, Watching local bands, and eating at strange cafeteria looking pizza/bar joints.

I’m not a drinker, so going to a show, getting water at the bar and people watching is much more of a good time and really funny to do.



It was time to head back to bend to get ready for the next trip.


Bishop, CA



I had absolutely no idea what i was getting myself into this trip. So i just went with the flow.


I followed behind Scottie Behind his Dodge Promaster  (not to be confused with a sprinter van) for 11+ hours till we reached our destination

but first,

 IN and OUT burger.



We finally made it to our camp spot and some friends set up their tents.



it was a great group of people Consisting of



Scottie (Awesomepossum ) Leanne (super talented jewelry maker) Crit, Casey and Evan, (Amazing Climbers, Scottie and leanne fall into this description too )


The days were chilly, but i was not bored even with my total lack of skill with bouldering. I loved photographing everyone and just watching while sitting in the sun.



SO many incredible views and also so much encouragement. (your girl is not the best at bouldering.



Leanne and i took off one day back to Scotties van while the gang was still bouldering



We ate snacks sat in the sun and let our creative introverted juices flow.




Last few hours i had with everyone, called for a new spot. where i did my ONE climb, which also happened to be the highest climb I’ve ever done.


Scary as beans, but conquered it with my Elvis legs.



Immediately after, i hiked back to my van and took off to LA,CA. Met up with my little sister and kicked it at some beaches.

We had a good time and it felt nice to have my first real bonding experience with my sister.



After parking became impossible, i left to San Diego to watch the sunset, than made my way to another friend Justine!

We talked all night and explored horse towns during the day, I met her amazing dog and horse. They were so sweet and full of energy!

Overal a great trip, and a change of pace and mentality for myself. I don't regret a single moment.



Open Fall

Leaving for a solo mission to take photos was a great idea. All my problems were gone for a few hours.

I left up to Aspen and went to see snow and beautiful fall colors.

Being alone makes self time your best friend.


Moon Beach

Spontaneous trip to leave my problems behind. It worked. The friends I saw, the joy I felt, the energy that moved me to a new better state of mind, It was more than I thought I would be.

There were fun moments when I had my camera floating around, but the best parts were when the camera was off and I was fully in tune with my surroundings.


April camping

A spontaneous camping trip was a great way to start spring.

The trip turned out to be a total success due to the amazing camping spot that was found.


The friends on this trip made it even better.

Not many words are needed for this photo story.


Here's a photo story of my trip back home. I was very grateful to see many familiar faces during this trip. This is where I'm from. This is who I am. 

First stop was Manhattan, Shooting photos for EDB of my sister Ciara. Hanging out with family let all the stress melt away (well most of it).


Next stop was upstate NY. I was able to hike a bunch with my cousin Yvonne and my Grizzly!

Photo Nov 09-3.jpeg
Photo Nov 08-5.jpeg
Photo Nov 08.jpeg
Photo Nov 09.jpeg

From upstate New York, I went straight to Atlantic City to be near the ocean. It came with some other fun times.


passed through a casino with a live cover band, the were great and hilarious. I stopped by and shot a few photos for the memories. I haven't seen my mom dance that much in a while. 

 Hey, thats my momma

Hey, thats my momma

 I had many more good times without my camera. i was happy to see many of my old friends. Skate with my bestie Leo. Saw my favorite band, Asking Alexandria (with Danny back) and met a new friend Noah who's a kick ass singer for Bad Omens  and a great inspiration.  Well thats all, Shots are between my camera and my phone, overall a good time. Thanks for looking!

Being Khanyi

Recently I was Able to work with Khanyi Shabalala,

A beautiful woman with a successful lifestyle.

Khanyi was born in South Africa, a place full of beautiful culture.

She now is  the fashion editor for Afro Magazine. 

Working with Khanyi, was incredibly easy and fun, she had all her outfits ready and knew exactly what she wanted. 

Khanyi was very sweet, and fun. She had a good sense of humor and enjoyed working with Loren Creer and I (as goofy as we are as a team)

All I can say is that Khanyi is already doing great things, and i already know she will be even more successful as time goes on.

You Can check out more of what khanyi does at www.afrostylemagazine.com or instagram @being_khanyi on instagram.

Yosimite, MIA.

Just one text turned into a crazed trip. I drove 15 hours to Yosemite National Park in the little civic. I didn't know exactly where I was going, Just that I was driving to California. I arrived at 2:00am and set up my tent at a campground called "porcupine flat" with my friend Scott. I was in Yosemite. 

Here are some photos of our trip.

 The Campsite, My camouflage blue and orange tent.

The Campsite, My camouflage blue and orange tent.

 Hike up to May Lake

Hike up to May Lake

 Scottys crazy Cam skills of the first day of climbing.

Scottys crazy Cam skills of the first day of climbing.

 Scott taught me everything I know. 

Scott taught me everything I know. 

Nights were filled with interesting dinners and early bedtimes due to exhaustion. Screaming babies in the morning. our spot was next to a nice creek and the weather was nice and chilly. Six nights of smelling like campfire and sweat.

 Lasagna was the best frozen dried

Lasagna was the best frozen dried

 This was the craziest paradise for Bouldering.

This was the craziest paradise for Bouldering.

Scott set up the hammock over looking Half dome. was a very nice quiet sunset.


Every Day was a new hike, including a hard trip up to Yosemite Falls, Water was completely absent but it definitely was worth it in retrospect. 

 Hike headed down from the falls.

Hike headed down from the falls.

Next spot was Glacier Point, which had way too many people so Scott led a path to an intense cliff side away from everyone.

 We made sure to get our own cool shots

We made sure to get our own cool shots

 Bridal falls was a huge slip and slide blast

Bridal falls was a huge slip and slide blast

Last but not least, another bouldering day on the last of the trip.

'Twas an amazing trip to say the least. I am so grateful that i'm able to travel and see what this world has to flaunt.

"Roadtrip ladies!"

May, 8-12 2016. The girls. 


Kayla, Barbara, Siri , and myself took a road trip to Las Vegas, NV. Its hard to put into words how amazing this trip was but I will try my best.


8am I was greeted outside by a car of my ladies screaming "Hey everyone, we're going to vegas!"  That had to be the best morning i've had in a while, just like a movie.


All the photos but about 4 or 5 are candid. I just wanted to capture as is.

On the way we stopped at Kolob to eat sandwiches and enjoy the view. chilly winds with some drizzle, what a great time.

Barb and Kayla. ladies in a blanket

That perfect mustard job

Time went on and nights were fun, Reallllyy fun. Mornings were filled with art galleries and awesome walks while evenings were filled with neat bars, walks, 4am trips to Dennys, and lots of entertainment from friends and strangers. ( I had the best view of all these beauties and stud.)

camouflage towel lady

My loves Kayla, Siri, Barb.

The stud Ian on the left, Beauty kayla on the right.

Our feet were done a few hours in.

After the Kush gallery

1 minute photo shoot. 

"crop me out"

We met some awesome people and traveled around Fremont 

After the outside hot tub, onto the room hot tub.

The Ride back was definitely amazing. I cried many times from laughing. From our hunt to find a Chick-Fil-A on a college campus somewhere in Utah to ordering a meatless burger at Wendys.

Describing how awesome this trip was wont make it any better, It was the best it could have possibly been.


Thanks for looking,

                 Saige Mateo

La isla de encante

This recent trip consisted of a flight to my motherland, Puerto Rico. I usually go to visit my family because this is home.

First we went to Luquillo to meet up with my some family at the beach. Funniest group of people I know. We hung around and enjoyed the nice weather, ate pulpo, and soaked up the warm water.

Doves are a pleasant view on the beach, much more peaceful than seagulls.




The day after we packed a bag from my grandfathers house and hit the road with my second cousin Albert. We made our way 3 hours across the island where we rode up and down the most beautiful passes that I have never gotten enough of.

Wild animals are very common to come across such as dogs, chicken, and partially wild horses.

I met these handsome boys during a meal and fed them for a while. They were the sweetest boys around.

This guy licking his chops.

Sun showers are extremely common and beautiful, people just stand out in the rain and it's magical.

Soon we hung around and waited for the late night boat ride to the bio luminescent lake. if theres one thing thats difficult. is taking pictures on a shaky boat and although you won't understand the bliss from being there first hand, I still would hope to portray some of the beauty.

The water lighting up strictly from the movement.


The next day we got up and went to travel on the boat to see some other mini islands with Albert and friends

Albert, my sister, and my mother.


We finally got to a mini island that was absolutely gorgeous. The white sand, cliffs, emptiness. Pure bliss.

Climbing this cliff barefoot was amazing.  Having no one around and making it to the top pushed me to have no fear. Just climb it!



The night after the power went out which is common over there so we lit candles and talked for the night.

The day after we met up with my cousin and aunt and took a trip to El Yunque rain forest. One of the first preserves in America and only rainforest preserve.

No one wanted to jump in with me, so I went on my own. The water was brisk but it felt so good after a hot hour hike.

Every time i go back to my roots I feel complete. I know where I came from and I understand why I am as wild as I am. Puerto Ricans go back to the Taino Native Americans where they love, respected, and were the wild. Its a great feeling being around people who understand and respect the land around them. If anyone ever wants to come home with me to Puerto Rico, I'll take you and show you the awesome lifestyle!

Thanks for looking!

Saige Mateo

Source: PuertoRico

Making most of the Coast

Hit the road again, this time to California...again. I never can get enough of this place to shoot. I fell in love from my first road trip there. I constantly go on road trips wether its just a short drive to a canyon or a three day drive across the country.

I worked consecutively, than got in my car to take my solo trip to California. I drove 12 hours straight (with my 15 minute naps and foot stops) and finally got to Joshua tree to meet up with my friend Kella. Here are some of my images from the trip.

We Camped and explored, It was a wonderful time to say the least!

We then made our way to El Matador beach where the views were incredible.

I also was able to have Kella in a bodysuit  and head piece I hand made!

Soon after I made my way to Long Beach to meet up with some friends: Autumn and JoJo from Colorado Mountain College. Soon I met other wonderful ladies like Heather and Miranda. 

We danced all of the first night, hung out and watched shows and made constant trips to get smoothies while beachin' it.

Handstands and beach Waves

Beautiful Views from Santa Monica

Overall It was a great trip. I completely enjoy traveling alone, since my trip to Nicaragua when I was Sixteen, the wanderlust feeling has not changed! Check out photos from the shoot below!

Some Gypsy

The series of images here just from one trip, Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New York, Jersey. My family came to visit ( mother, cousin, sister) and landed in Vegas where i drove to meet up and begin the Adventure.

 We watched water shows with very different types of music to each show.

We watched water shows with very different types of music to each show.

 climbing on the balcony on the water in heels was an adventure in itself. 

climbing on the balcony on the water in heels was an adventure in itself. 

 vegas' night life reminded me of home and all the workers on every street made me crack up with their methods of getting people into their place of work.

vegas' night life reminded me of home and all the workers on every street made me crack up with their methods of getting people into their place of work.

 There was a very long road while we went through Arizona, one that I wanted to go ride on like the cool videos. Not as smooth but just as fun.

There was a very long road while we went through Arizona, one that I wanted to go ride on like the cool videos. Not as smooth but just as fun.

There are so many places to visit when I travel back though here. Camping through this trip will be happening as soon as the weather gets warmer.. or even sooner.

Whale Whale Whale, we finally made it to Jersey and while the time I spent with my lady love Aisha was extremely weird as usual, we had some fun on the freezing beach to shoot for the Elizabeth Dean Boutique

Finally left back home to colorado, As soon as I got back I got sick with the stomach bug, but as soon as it went away, I needed to get out and shoot. and thats exactly what i did.

photo 1.JPG