Here's a photo story of my trip back home. I was very grateful to see many familiar faces during this trip. This is where I'm from. This is who I am. 

First stop was Manhattan, Shooting photos for EDB of my sister Ciara. Hanging out with family let all the stress melt away (well most of it).


Next stop was upstate NY. I was able to hike a bunch with my cousin Yvonne and my Grizzly!

Photo Nov 09-3.jpeg
Photo Nov 08-5.jpeg
Photo Nov 08.jpeg
Photo Nov 09.jpeg

From upstate New York, I went straight to Atlantic City to be near the ocean. It came with some other fun times.


passed through a casino with a live cover band, the were great and hilarious. I stopped by and shot a few photos for the memories. I haven't seen my mom dance that much in a while. 

 Hey, thats my momma

Hey, thats my momma

 I had many more good times without my camera. i was happy to see many of my old friends. Skate with my bestie Leo. Saw my favorite band, Asking Alexandria (with Danny back) and met a new friend Noah who's a kick ass singer for Bad Omens  and a great inspiration.  Well thats all, Shots are between my camera and my phone, overall a good time. Thanks for looking!

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