Making most of the Coast

Hit the road again, this time to California...again. I never can get enough of this place to shoot. I fell in love from my first road trip there. I constantly go on road trips wether its just a short drive to a canyon or a three day drive across the country.

I worked consecutively, than got in my car to take my solo trip to California. I drove 12 hours straight (with my 15 minute naps and foot stops) and finally got to Joshua tree to meet up with my friend Kella. Here are some of my images from the trip.

We Camped and explored, It was a wonderful time to say the least!

We then made our way to El Matador beach where the views were incredible.

I also was able to have Kella in a bodysuit  and head piece I hand made!

Soon after I made my way to Long Beach to meet up with some friends: Autumn and JoJo from Colorado Mountain College. Soon I met other wonderful ladies like Heather and Miranda. 

We danced all of the first night, hung out and watched shows and made constant trips to get smoothies while beachin' it.

Handstands and beach Waves

Beautiful Views from Santa Monica

Overall It was a great trip. I completely enjoy traveling alone, since my trip to Nicaragua when I was Sixteen, the wanderlust feeling has not changed! Check out photos from the shoot below!