La isla de encante

This recent trip consisted of a flight to my motherland, Puerto Rico. I usually go to visit my family because this is home.

First we went to Luquillo to meet up with my some family at the beach. Funniest group of people I know. We hung around and enjoyed the nice weather, ate pulpo, and soaked up the warm water.

Doves are a pleasant view on the beach, much more peaceful than seagulls.




The day after we packed a bag from my grandfathers house and hit the road with my second cousin Albert. We made our way 3 hours across the island where we rode up and down the most beautiful passes that I have never gotten enough of.

Wild animals are very common to come across such as dogs, chicken, and partially wild horses.

I met these handsome boys during a meal and fed them for a while. They were the sweetest boys around.

This guy licking his chops.

Sun showers are extremely common and beautiful, people just stand out in the rain and it's magical.

Soon we hung around and waited for the late night boat ride to the bio luminescent lake. if theres one thing thats difficult. is taking pictures on a shaky boat and although you won't understand the bliss from being there first hand, I still would hope to portray some of the beauty.

The water lighting up strictly from the movement.


The next day we got up and went to travel on the boat to see some other mini islands with Albert and friends

Albert, my sister, and my mother.


We finally got to a mini island that was absolutely gorgeous. The white sand, cliffs, emptiness. Pure bliss.

Climbing this cliff barefoot was amazing.  Having no one around and making it to the top pushed me to have no fear. Just climb it!



The night after the power went out which is common over there so we lit candles and talked for the night.

The day after we met up with my cousin and aunt and took a trip to El Yunque rain forest. One of the first preserves in America and only rainforest preserve.

No one wanted to jump in with me, so I went on my own. The water was brisk but it felt so good after a hot hour hike.

Every time i go back to my roots I feel complete. I know where I came from and I understand why I am as wild as I am. Puerto Ricans go back to the Taino Native Americans where they love, respected, and were the wild. Its a great feeling being around people who understand and respect the land around them. If anyone ever wants to come home with me to Puerto Rico, I'll take you and show you the awesome lifestyle!

Thanks for looking!

Saige Mateo