"Roadtrip ladies!"

May, 8-12 2016. The girls. 


Kayla, Barbara, Siri , and myself took a road trip to Las Vegas, NV. Its hard to put into words how amazing this trip was but I will try my best.


8am I was greeted outside by a car of my ladies screaming "Hey everyone, we're going to vegas!"  That had to be the best morning i've had in a while, just like a movie.


All the photos but about 4 or 5 are candid. I just wanted to capture as is.

On the way we stopped at Kolob to eat sandwiches and enjoy the view. chilly winds with some drizzle, what a great time.

Barb and Kayla. ladies in a blanket

That perfect mustard job

Time went on and nights were fun, Reallllyy fun. Mornings were filled with art galleries and awesome walks while evenings were filled with neat bars, walks, 4am trips to Dennys, and lots of entertainment from friends and strangers. ( I had the best view of all these beauties and stud.)

camouflage towel lady

My loves Kayla, Siri, Barb.

The stud Ian on the left, Beauty kayla on the right.

Our feet were done a few hours in.

After the Kush gallery

1 minute photo shoot. 

"crop me out"

We met some awesome people and traveled around Fremont 

After the outside hot tub, onto the room hot tub.

The Ride back was definitely amazing. I cried many times from laughing. From our hunt to find a Chick-Fil-A on a college campus somewhere in Utah to ordering a meatless burger at Wendys.

Describing how awesome this trip was wont make it any better, It was the best it could have possibly been.


Thanks for looking,

                 Saige Mateo

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