Another Round of Puerto Rico

Another photo story of another trip.

Every experience is different, And this one was a learning experience.

You're really only as happy as you let yourself be. It takes a while for your mind to be stronger than your emotions. In order to practice, you need to expand your life experiences.

Seeing my family experience such joy, made the trip even better.  I love seeing them escape the and surround themselves with natural beauty. 

The night walks around San Juan were rainy and beautiful.


Daytime was warmer and hectic but filled with music all through every street.


It will surprise me every time I visit, to see how beautiful a place can feel. I am very grateful to have experienced it with my family.


All in all, I wouldn't have traded this trip for the world.


This summer is due for more trips, more learning and more happiness. 




Saige Mateo1 Comment