The Adventures Of Oregon


This past week i decided to work and save up for another adventure, Oregon, the 18 hour drive was beyond worth the views I've seen and the friends I've visited.

The first friend I visited was Scott, i met him through Colorado Mountain College a few years back and he is one of the few people I know with a heart of gold. Scott and I adventured to some magical places a few minutes from his place in Bend, Oregon.

Scott in the falls of bend

Scott took me to his favorite secret spot to watch the sunset and moon rise

After Day one of adventuring we went out to eat and spent the rest of the nights watching one of my favorite shows "it's Always sunny in Philadelphia" while I edited. 

The day after that we got right back on our quest of adventure. We visited places that took me much time to comprehend all the beauty I was seeing, These adventures took a little bit of climbing but nothing scary, Scott is an amazing climber and makes climbing gear for Metolius Climbing so I was a few steps behind.

Overlooking the beautiful place I've fallen in love with

After a few days in Bend I headed down to Portland to visit my other amazing friends, Andrea and Cole, We met up at Coffee time and planned for our trip to the beach.

I learned Cole has been designing for Tiny homes which is an amazing thing while he goes to school and Andrea has been planning for her future trips while finishing up school and working. They both are people I'm grateful to have in my life, the ones with the same wanting for spontaneous trips and adventures.

Cole in the road to the beach

The Fog was an amazing sight for all of us. Moss is a small thing that blows my mind, it can grow on anything and adds beauty to everything It dwells on.

After stopping numerous times to capture every waking second of beauty, we made it to the coast.

 Andrea and I with fuzzy sweaters and no pants.

Andrea and I with fuzzy sweaters and no pants.

 Cole on the Cliffs

Cole on the Cliffs

Cole shot a few photos of Andrea and I

We all spent some time climbing on my last day here!

spending time climbing

This trip can not be described in straight sentences or metaphors. It was a life changing experience and is sparking my desire to travel more and potentially make Oregon my new home.

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